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Animatrons winking is cool.

Animatrons winking is cool.

Honestly Anderson Cooper just seems like an asshole.


Apparently I’m supposed to be more mad that somebody told JonTron to shut up than the fact that JonTron genuinely & unironically compared himself to people who were systematically murdered by the Klan like I think we need to really take a step back here & remind ourselves that TumblrInAction & similar hubs of ideology like this genuinely consider themselves the sane & rational & logical & common sense party despite the fact they run all five cylinders on an emotional reactionary level so self-obsessed they completely skip over a dude who got yelled at by people on Twitter comparing himself to slaves in the antebellum South to get angry over the lack of “mature responses”

Упрямый робот by Ансамбль электромузыкальных инструментов под управлением Мещерина

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Officer threatens to kill protester livestreamers filming him.

wilbr asks: I didn't think adding the gnome pic was funny I just knew it'd get lots of notes :0)


still just as pathetic 

I got called pathetic unironically today over a meme.

I’m a meme opportunist.

This article about a guy who survived after a quarter of his brain was destroyed by a giant metal spike mentions how attractive he was like 100 times.

The guy who made Five Nights at Freddy’s made this and I feel really weird about it…………………………………………………………….

What if I learned a skill

Imagine when we’re all dead and there’s a satellite where Twitter bots talk to each other in increasingly nonsensical strings of text floating through the universe forever.