ask submit about bf

I’m really fascinated with Reddit’s userbase’s emphasis on being in intellectual all the time. Like my post here is obviously a joke, right?

Australia and America are the same thing just set in two separate canonical timelines I’m pretty sure.


i’ve got a good idea for a drawing where it’s a hyperrealistic catdog taking drugs but i haven’t decided if it should be shrooms or lsd yet. it’ll be funny but i think it’ll also get people to think about how they lose their innocence when they grow up

Marf! ^w^



What is the archetypical nerd hobby going to be when video game culture stops catering exclusively to weird primal urge sating straight teenage males.

I had a dream a Dalek was chasing me but I don’t know what a Dalek is or what it does but now I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to write an episode of Doctor Who. I’ve never seen an episode and I don’t know anything about the DW universe but I think I could do it.

How do you get free foam?

This guy lives in Georgia but I haven’t met him yet.

This guy lives in Georgia but I haven’t met him yet.


the best thing about otters is the way that their noses are shaped!!!